Prof. Alan Neal

Professor Alan Neal is an internationally recognized expert in employment law, with a wealth of experience and expertise in equality and discrimination, international law, and employment matters. As a lifetime Professor at Zhejiang University (PRC) and Visiting Professor at Beijing Jiao Tong University (PRC), University of Paris II (Pantheon), and USEK (Beirut), he brings a unique global perspective to his work.

He is   a part-time Employment Judge (London Central) and has been the Convenor of the European Association of Labour Court Judges since 1996. He is also a member of the ILO’s group of senior labour judges.

In addition to his extensive legal experience, Professor Neal has published numerous articles and books on the subject. He has advised national governments on employment law and social policy,

Professor Neal’s expertise in European, international, and comparative employment law led to his involvement in expert committees for the Social Affairs Directorate of the European Commission since 1985. He also provides specialized judicial training in employment law and human rights in the United Kingdom and abroad.