Statement from 2 New Street Chambers

In accordance with the requirements of the Bar Standards Board, Barristers Chambers are given the opportunity to provide their Diversity Data through the completion of a standardised Bar Standards Board questionnaire to ensure a diverse and equal working environment.

2 New Street Chambers comprises nine Counsel and two members of staff and as a result of the small pool of potential respondents and increased risk of data subjects being identified through their respective responses, consent to this data being processed and published was not received by all of members of Chambers and its workforce. 2 New Street Chambers therefore is unable to publish its diversity data.

As a set located in a city with one of the most diverse populations in the United Kingdom, 2 New Street Chambers has a long history of treating its members, staff and clients with respect and on the basis of equal opportunities and high levels of service for everyone. 2 New Street Chambers has always provided nurturing and pastoral care for its members and staff and is alive to and respectful of issues concerning mental health, age, disability, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, chosen gender identification, and socio-economic background. This ethos is applied to the consideration of all applications made to Chambers to join either as staff or as members of the profession. 2 New Street Chambers offers equal opportunities for all and welcomes the opportunity to do its part to increase diversity within the profession and it does so, as it has always done, on the basis of a policy of openness and inclusivity and by rejecting discrimination of any sort.