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Family and Civil Law Barristers

The family and civil law barristers of 2 New Street Chambers provide specialist advocacy and advice. Tenants form dedicated teams ensuring that work is carried out in an efficient and professional way as does our highly experienced clerking team.

Although based in Leicester, both the family barristers and civil barristers of Chambers often appear before courts on the Midlands Circuit and further afield. These include the Supreme Court (formerly the House of Lords), the Court of Appeal, the High Court (all divisions), County Courts, Crown Courts (in particular cases concerning public interest immunity matters and other applications), Family Proceedings Courts, the Court of Protection, H. M. Coroners’ Courts, Lands Tribunal, Planning Inquiries and other civil tribunals including the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Former members of Chambers continue to play a prominent role in the legal life of the Midlands and further afield. Amongst them are County Court and Crown Court Judges and Chairmen of Tribunals.

Solicitors, members of the public and licensed access clients are invited to contact Chambers should a quotation be required. In most circumstances a quotation can be provided immediately but, where your enquiry is less straightforward, it may be necessary to consult with the barrister you wish to instruct before confirming a fee.

Chambers employs a range of different pricing models depending both upon the needs of the client and the nature of the instruction. For representation at hearings, fees will usually be negotiated on a fixed fee basis. Where a hearing is likely to take more than one day, a brief fee for preparation and attendance at the first day of the hearing together with a refresher fee for attendance on each subsequent day will usually be quoted. Fees for paperwork will usually be charged on an hourly basis.

Members of Chambers do not ordinarily accept instructions on a conditional fee arrangement basis.

VAT will in most cases be due on the services provided by our barristers. VAT numbers are included on fee notes as a matter of course and may also be provided on request.

When instructed to undertake paperwork, members of Chambers will endeavour to complete this within four weeks. Timescales will vary depending upon the complexity of the paperwork, the volume of papers provided, the value of the case and the individual barrister’s availability. If further information or action is required before the paperwork can be finalised, this will also affect timescales for completion.

Chambers provides a telephone enquiry service and is open from 8.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

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